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    Setting up your Breakpoints [For New Users]

    Madhav Sharma

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    Setting up your Breakpoints [For New Users]

    Post  Madhav Sharma on Mon Jun 06, 2011 2:18 pm

    How to set your BreakPoints (BP) For new Charles users

    1. Download Charles.

    2. Open Charles

    3. Load your farm

    4. After your farm has completely loaded go to Charles, make sure your on the Structure Tab, and look for,, or and

    5. Once you find one of those things, expand by clicking on it and you will see 'flashservices' right click on that and select breakpoints, you should see a check next to it.

    6. Just make sure that breakpoints is on after that and you can now start!

    Please note: If you have breakpoints on while waiting for your farm to load, your farm won't load completely unless your execute the breakpoints 2 times.

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