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    How to buy a vehicle fully upgraded



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    How to buy a vehicle fully upgraded

    Post  farmvillehacker on Sat Jun 11, 2011 6:38 pm

    Load farm
    Open Charles
    Open Market and click buy on what Vehicle you want ( Dont Place Yet )
    Turn on Breakpoints
    Place Vehicle on your farm
    Now you will get a pop-up in Charles
    Click Edit Request and then click AMF
    Expand Params + and Expand again
    Look for m_equipmentPartsCount
    Change the Integar to String
    Change the number next to it to the number of vehicle parts it needs to fully uprgrade
    (Screen Shots below show were to change the number of Vehicle Parts)
    Execute 2x
    Turn off Breakpoints
    Refresh farm
    When it loads your vehicle will be fully upgraded

    Normal Vehicles take 32 parts to fully upgrade
    Combine Vehicles take 96 parts to fully upgrade Very Happy Very Happy

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